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Health + Education Opportunities + Impact

Coming to West Valley Communities

What began as an initiative to build a hospital and outpatient health center offering University of Utah Health’s world-class care has evolved to include:

  • academic programs,
  • workforce development programs, and
  • economic development strategies.

All of which are designed to build on existing community assets and the vibrancy of the West Valley area.  

Partnerships are essential to our success. That’s why the U West Valley team, including University Neighborhood Partners—a group of dedicated staffers with two decades of community engagement experience—wants to build a shared future with West Valley residents.

Our vision is to improve health and well-being, increase education opportunities and career pathways, and create a positive long-term societal impact in West Valley communities. 


It begins with access to quality, culturally responsive health care. Whether it’s soon-to-be parents in need of maternity and pediatric care, a grandfather who needs help managing his diabetes, or a mother looking to improve the overall wellness of her family, the residents of West Valley deserve convenient, welcoming and equitable health care.

Learn more about our plans for patient care coming in 2027


Higher education plays a vital role in shaping the social, economic and overall well-being of communities. The University of Utah has committed to doing this in partnership with West Valley communities.

Explore Learning Opportunities in West Valley


What would it look like for a leading research institution like the University of Utah to have unsurpassed positive societal impact?  

  • Healthier people?
  • A more well-educated and skilled workforce?
  • Increased civic involvement?
  • Higher-paying jobs closer to home?
  • Improved sense of well-being?

Read more about the University of Utah’s commitment

University Neighborhood Partners

University Neighborhood Partners brings together University and west side people and resources in reciprocal learning, action, and benefit—a community coming together.